Introducing The Fastest, Easiest, And Safest Wealth-Building Strategy In The World

How To Make Massive Profits With JV Deals...
Even If You Have No Money, No Product,
No Customers, No Experience, No Connections,
No Credibility, and Even No Business!

By Learning From The Highest Paid Marketing Consultant In the World


Marc 100_0148_400x400Dear Friend,

My name is Marc Goldman.

You may or may not know me. But that doesn't matter much.

Because this letter is about YOU.

YOU, making truckloads of money quickly and easily.

YOU, getting everything you want with minimal time, effort, expense or risk.

YOU, living the life you want and deserve.

And YOU, propelling yourself to breathtaking wealth... by simply leveraging the time, money and expertise of others.

If all that sounds interesting... then this is going to be one of the most profitable messages you'll ever read.

Now, I know this is a bold claim, and perhaps it's hard to believe. But I'm going to PROVE it to you right here in this letter.

You see, it doesn't matter whether you own a business... OR, you're thinking of acquiring or starting a business... OR, you want to create ongoing income streams for yourself without the hassles of running a business... OR, even if you're an employee...

Because there is no faster, easier, or safer way to make all the money you want (even if you're starting from scratch)... than... by leveraging the assets and resources of others, through the use of Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures (JV's).

In fact, once you have the inside knowledge you're about to discover, you'll realize that...

All you need is to know the SECRETS of making Joint Ventures work. And there is no better person to teach you these secrets, than...

The One Person Who Has Made More Money,
In More Ways, For More People, Using
Joint Ventures And Strategic Alliances
Than Any Other Dealmaking Entrepreneur...

...And that person is none other than the world's highest-paid marketing consultant, Jay Abraham himself.

jay-abrahamYou've probably heard of Jay Abraham. He's the marketing genius who has helped nearly 12,000 other business owners (in over 450 different fields) increase their bottom-line profits by more than 8 BILLION dollars.

His client list reads like the "Who's Who" of the business world, and includes people like Tony Robbins... Mark Victor Hanson... Brian Tracy... Nightingale-Conant... Fran Tarkenton... Entrepreneur Magazine... Success Magazine...Investor's Business Daily... 12 different Inc. Magazine Entrepreneurs of the Year... the list goes on and on.

Jay commands consulting fees of over $5,000.00 an hour, with a 2-hour minimum. Yet despite his astronomical fees, he has a waiting list a mile long.


Because Jay's marketing strategies get breakthrough RESULTS (often producing millions of dollars in extra profits, with lightning speed). To give you an idea, here's a tiny sample of the successes that Jay has produced for his clients...

"$1.5 Million Dollars From Just One Idea!"

“I made $1.5 million from just one thing Jay taught me.”

- Chase Revel, Founder of Entrepreneur Magazine

"We Went From $800,000 To 2 Billion!"

"Jay has worked with us for almost 10 years, and he has engineered some of the best marketing strategies I have ever seen. Actually he might be cheap when you consider last year, I paid Jay $670,000 and in the past 10 years over $2 million. That was Jay's reward for helping to build my company into the dominant precious metals and coin investment company in America doing over $2 Billion!"

- Jim Cook, Investment Rarities, Inc

"Two Ideas Produce $750,000!"

"I used your formulas and sold over $300,000 of watches to fraternity students, There's a 25-27% net profit. In another business I own, a medical laboratory, I compete with 10-15 other larger companies. Using your idea (and spending only $500), I got 15 responses worth $40,000 to $50,000 apiece to me a year. That's over $450,000 from a tiny promotion."

- Michael Lillig, Seattle, Washington

"$30 Million For lnc.'s Entrepreneur Of The Year!"

"I'm a rare coin dealer. I've paid Jay in the past 5 years approximately a half a million dollars, and he's generated for me somewhere between $25 and $30 million worth of business.His techniques definitely do work. (Jay) sweet talks you into trying seemingly absurd marketing tests -- and you end up with multiplied profits. He combines 2 unprofitable deals and you get one very profitable three-sided deal. And lots more.

The net is that Jay opens your eyes to powerful marketing possibilities that are just sitting there in front of your nose where you can't see them. In 1 year, Jay used one these 'improbable' concepts and provided $16 million in immediate sales for us. I paid him $500,000 for this."

- David Hall, David Hall's Numismatic Investment Group

900% Increase in Sales from Just One Technique!

“After applying just one of his techniques, we sold $643,000 worth of products in two and a half months! That’s a 900% increase in sales from just one technique.

- Michael Quinn, Simi Valley, CA

"Additional $400,000 in 20 Months!"

“Jay came to us with a new idea for utilizing our customer names. I was skeptical initially; however, this program provided us withadditional income in excess of $400,000 during the 20 months that it ran. I enjoy working with Jay because I both trust him and respect his marketing expertise.”

- R. Kent Tipton, Former President of Target, Inc.

"$20 Million Dollars in 60 Days, From One Idea Alone!"

“He has contributed many millions of dollars to my bottom line. One idea he gave us alone made us a twenty million dollar windfall in just 60 days!

- Robert G. Allen, Real Estate Investment Genius NY Times Bestselling Author of "Multiple Streams of Income"

Unfortunately, Most Entrepreneurs and Business
Owners Are Completely Clueless About Jay's
Hyper-Effective Joint Venture Marketing Strategies

You see, there's too much nonsense about JVs out there.

Too many "experts" teaching it who have never done a successful JV in their lives. Too many self-proclaimed "gurus" who simply "lucked out" and happened to do 1 or 2 marginally successful JV deals, then rushed out to write an ebook about it. And too much rehashed info by people who don't have the slightest clue what they're talking about.

As a result, most people have a very limited perspective on Joint Ventures.

For example, I know many people whose entire understanding of a "Joint Venture" is limited to getting someone else to endorse a product to their mailing list... when in fact, that's just ONE out of HUNDREDS of ways you can make money with JVs (many of which don't even require you to have any money, product, mailing list, or even a business)!

And that's why I did a teleseminar series with Jay Abraham devoted entirely to the topic of Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures. The idea was to finally set the record straight once and for all...

In 6 Intensive Conference Calls Jay Lays Out
His Entire A-to-Z Roadmap That Anyone Can Use To
Seek Out, Engineer and Profit From Lucrative JV Deals...
Regardless Of Their Background Or Experience

Unfortunately, you missed the chance to hear these secrets "live". But there's still hope! Because the entire teleseminar was professionally recorded and transcribed into a program called

JV Mastery: The Art Of Profitable Deal Making 

And JV Mastery contains ALL of the little-known and often misunderstood joint venture strategies Jay Abraham has personally used to generate over $2.5 billion for his clients.

These powerful strategies have saved the most distressed businesses from imminent bankruptcy, tripled the revenue of other businesses without a dime spent on advertising, and rocketed certain individuals to conspicuous wealth.

Simply put... the insider joint venture strategies you’ll learn from Jay are quite possibly the most powerful blueprints for business success you’ll ever lay your hands on.

And even if you’ve experienced devastating failure… JV Mastery can help transform your business into a staggering success almost overnight.

Or if your business is already a high profit machine, I guarantee Jay will open up your eyes to hidden profit centers, low-hanging growth opportunities, and other cash-producing strategies that are so effective…

It’s Like Having The
Keys To A Bank Vault

Cuz in the short term, say 4-10 weeks from now, you could arguably be earning an extra $2,500 a month...

Using just a fraction of what you’ll learn…

And it should only grow and compound upward from there.

However… a point of clarification:

If you’re expecting a "get rich quick" plan, you won’t find it here. You will have to invest some "sweat equity" to make these strategies work for you.


You see, Jay Abraham was in your shoes once.

And it’s a little-known fact that he first used joint venture strategies to bootstrap his way to success in his early 20s, long before he gained the widespread notoriety he enjoys today, and…

Jay’s First Deal Turned $20,000 Into
$13 Million In About 18 Months

Not only that, he went on to perfect his deal-making skills... and since then has personally used all of the strategies he discloses in JV Mastery to GENERATE OVER $2.5 BILLION FOR HIS CLIENTS.

But what you might find most surprising is if Jay were forced to give up all the "weapons" in his marketing arsenal but one, he would keep only his strategies for joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Yes, they’re that valuable.

And yet once you possess Jay’s potent joint venture and strategic alliance strategies, you’ll quickly realize that...

  • You don’t need money to get started. (Even if you’re dead broke, you can structure deals that require no money, yet still pay you significant sums of cash on the back end.)
  • You don’t need to own a business. (Employees can just as easily profit from joint ventures as business owners and entrepreneurs.)
  • You don’t need education. (Jay only went to college for 4 days, yet he has made more money, in more ways, for more people, using joint ventures and strategic alliances than any other person on the face of the earth.) P.S. He’s taught these strategies to 500 MBAs and 250 PhDs who each paid him thousands for this information.
  • You don’t need a list of customers or subscribers. (Joint ventures and strategic alliances go far beyond the traditional affiliate model you may be familiar with today.) THIS KNOWLEDGE IS PROBABLY THE MOST PRIZED "ASSET" YOU COULD EVER POSSESS.
  • You don’t need a product to sell. (It’s easy to set up joint ventures where you have exclusive rights to market other people’s products for a piece of the action.)
  • You don’t need to be an "expert" in ANYTHING. (JV Mastery will show you step-by-step how to make a six-figure income—and even seven— even if you’re the ultimate generalist and do not have any specialized skills.)

So what DO you need to succeed with joint ventures and strategic alliances?

You Need The Ability To
Make Things Happen

You see, there are three types of people:

1. Those who make things happen

2. Those who watch things happen

3. And those who things are always happening to.

So if you’re in the second or third group, DON’T BOTHER TO RESPOND.

You’ll never make a dime from the strategies revealed in JV Mastery or from anyone else’s strategies for that matter

If, on the other hand, you’re in the first group—and you’re a person "who makes things happen", then…

There’s nothing to stop you from becoming a millionaire in the next 2-5 years... and you’d be crazy not to respond. In fact, if you have this one quality, then you’re ready to experience...

The Fastest, Easiest, And Safest
Wealth-Building Strategy In The World

When Jay was first starting out, he had no job, no money, and 2 hungry kids to feed. Yet the first successful big joint venture he did still netted him $6 million...

And in JV Mastery, Jay tells that story plus many others, including the specifics of how he structured his deals and the strategies he used. And then he explains how YOU can use the same strategies to build a fortune right here, right now.

Strategies like these...

  • The hyper-effective, win/win approach Jay uses to capture the attention of potential JV partners and secure new JV deals... (very few people know this secret to getting people onside to your way of thinking)
  • How to get started the right way for your first deal (you get a detailed, hold-you-by-the-hand action plan so you bypass the normal learning curve!)
  • The simple shift in your thinking that gives you an unfair advantage over 99.4% of the dealmakers who are competing for the same deals you are. (You’ll kick yourself when you discover how easy this is.)
  • How Jay went from dead broke to $1,000 a day in personal income when he was just 20 years old... (And how you can too…)
  • The scientifically proven secret to high-stakes JV success (and it has nothing to do with "who you know"!)...
  • 6 priceless strategies and 10 lucrative ideas Jay has used in his 35-year history of deal-making...
  • How to quickly turn objections into freshly inked JV agreements (you'll have clients begging to work with you once you learn the exact words Jay uses on the phone and in person.)
  • How to avoid the one thought pattern that will sabotage all your joint venture efforts... (There’s a good chance you’ll be thinking this too if you’re not aware of it.)
  • How to easily turn small transactions into big money deals with almost zero risk... (This secret alone is easily worth the entire price of the product)
  • One simple three-word phrase that will safely guide you through every JV deal you undertake, no matter how big or intimidating it is... (This is so powerful it will literally transform your results immediately)

So, are you beginning to see how valuable JV Mastery is to your future financial success? Use just a few of these strategies and I’d be surprised if you don’t experience a massive windfall payday just a couple months from now.

But I want you to know…

Even though you’re a person who makes things happen no matter the circumstances, we’ve made getting started as easy as possible for you.

For example…

Included in your JV Mastery course are pre-written templates and letters for you to use. All you do is copy, paste, and mail, and…

You Could Have Businesses Lined Up To
Partner With You In A Week Or Less

And since you’re a "doer" and decisive, taking this step should be as easy as tying your shoes.

Yet all of this only scratches the surface of what’s included in JV Mastery.

You see, one major advantage of this teleseminar series was that the attendees were given the opportunity to email Jay with their most burning questions about Joint Ventures.

What Jay found was that most attendees wanted to know how to profit from Joint Ventures if you're just starting out... with no money, no product, no customers, no experience, no connections and no business!

So that's exactly what Jay revealed...

Here's some more of the secrets Jay revealed on the calls...

  • 7 Joint-Venture blueprints you can implement right away even if you're starting from scratch -- spelt out in step-by-step, point-by-point detail (including templates of scripts and letters you can use)
  • How to create "intangible assets" almost out of thin air, that give you the instant negotiating power and "marketing muscle" to land lucrative JV deals
  • Why you can often make more money as a middleman or dealmaker for other companies than putting together deals for your own business (if you have one)
  • A detailed step-by-step roadmap to becoming a successful JV middleman or dealmaker, even if you're starting from ground zero
  • If you are an employee, discover how to put together deals for the company you work for, for a fat slice of the profits! (If you're looking for a way to make enough money so you can fire your boss, this is one of the simplest ways to do it. Or, even if you love your job, you can use this strategy to make more money than the CEO or president of your company!)
  • Simple ways to overcome the "indimidation factor" of proposing JV deals to the CEO or president of your company (hint: you don't even have to do it yourself)... and...

Why YOU Actually Hold The
Biggest Stick In The Deal!

  • How to find and cut quick deals for some fast cash and "bread and butter" income
  • How to get your foot in the door with the companies you want to Joint-Venture with, if you are a rookie with no credentials and it's your first JV deal
  • The most important factors to consider when choosing a business venture to get into (or deciding whether or not to stay in a business)
  • How Jay got started with nothing to his name, and how you can model his success
  • The single biggest secret to improving your competency and proficiency at JV deal making
  • How to avoid the dumb mistakes almost everyone else makes when doing JVs in the beginning -- especially the ones that peg you as an amateur
  • How to create new profit centers and recurring income streams for other businesses... then turn those into assets that you can sell to 3rd parties, or even...

Sell It Back To The Company
You're Doing It With!

  • Discover Jay's street-smart strategies for an immediate cash infusion, if you're just starting out for the first time
  • A little-known directory that gives you an endless supply of trade publications that are prime prospects for JV deals
  • Listen as Jay gives you an avalanche of profitable JV ideas (that you can go out and implement right away) to liberate your mind
  • A no-brainer way to set up countless Joint-Ventures at tradeshows (with zero out-of-pocket investment)
  • How to develop an "X-Ray vision" that allows you to...

Seek Out And Detect Hidden Profit
Opportunities That Everyone Else Misses

  • How to detect "money connections" you can tap into for massive windfall profits
  • How to legally and ethically profit from companies that are going through bankruptcy (without spending a single red cent)
  • How to use JVs to make serious dough from practically any business in your local area
  • How to set up and negotiate deals with experts in any field, so you can profit by leveraging their expertise
  • How to make a fortune reactivating old customers for other companies
  • How to "hook up" seemingly unrelated professionals with each other, for a fat slice of the profits while others do all the work (you don't even need to have a business of your own)
  • The fastest, easiest and safest way to acquire or start a business with zero out-of-pocket investment and zero risk

But that's not all. Not by a long shot!

One of the biggest challenges and stumbling blocks for aspiring JV dealmakers is getting other businesses to accept their JV deals. That's why Jay also devoted a significant portion of time to dissecting...

The Dynamics Of Proposing, Negotiating
And Landing Lucrative Joint Venture Deals

You'll discover the A-to-Z of securing JV deals with all kinds of businesses, ranging from the "Mom and Pop" operations to Fortune 500 companies, and even landing seemingly impossible deals that everyone else is after. Here's a small sample of what Jay covered...

  • The art and science of creating knockout JV proposals -- how to craft compelling JV proposals no sane businessperson can refuse
  • Word-for-word samples of letters, emails, faxes and phone scripts for making the first contact with a potential joint-venture partner, that gets them enthusiastically chasing you down for the privilege of working with you
  • The shy person's rejection-free method for Joint Venture success (for people who are uncomfortable about approaching other business owners)
  • Listen as Jay dictates a word-for-word script for approaching and presenting your first joint-venture in a non-threatening way
  • How to posture yourself and your deal to make it irresistibly appealing to a prospective partner...

Even If You Have Zero Experience!

  • How to get past the potential objections to doing a joint venture... such as "it just won’t work", "we’ve never done this before", "we’re just not a good fit", etc.
  • How to structure your deals, point-by-point for maximum success and income from the deal
  • The most effective ways to propose JV deals to other business owners
  • How to negotiate JV deals where you get the lions share of the profits (You'll discover how to set up these deals with little or no resistance from the other parties involved)
  • How to negotiate your deal so that everybody feels great about the opportunity AND are naturally compelled to do more than their share to make it successful
  • The key idea you must convey to your potential JV partner when presenting them with a Joint-Venture proposal (almost everyone misses this important point)
  • How to make your JV prospects more eager to do business with you than you are with them. This deceptively simple strategy ignites their desire to do a deal and...

It Saves You From Having To
Beat Their Doors Down

  • How to relieve your potential JV partner's fears that you might take advantage of them
  • The key components you need to include when proposing a JV to another business owner
  • The key mindset you must have in order to create mouth-watering JV proposals... and how to communicate it in a way that gets you deal after deal after deal
  • The most crucial key ingredient of a successful JV proposal, that almost every "dealmaker wannabe" misses
  • How to get people to take you and your deal seriously, so that they follow-through instead of sitting on their hands
  • 7 characteristics almost all business owners have in common, and how understanding these characteristics will skyrocket your JV success
  • How to wipe out a prospective joint venture partners biggest fears and objections to working with you
  • 5 questions and objections you must answer in every JV proposal
  • How to explain your Joint-Venture ideas in a way that non-marketing-savvy businesspeople can understand. (Most business owners you approach will NOT have your level of marketing expertise. You must be able to explain the deal without confusing them -- because the confused mind always says "no".)
  • A simple non-intimidating letter agreement you should have before doing any test marketing with your joint-venture partner
  • The most effective ways of initiating contact with potential JV partners, and following up to seal the deal
  • How to pinpoint the person in the organization that you should propose your JV to, and...

Why You Often Get Better Results by
NOT Trying to Reach the Highest
Decision Maker in the Organization!

  • The role of email in setting up JV deals. (Most people do this all WRONG)
  • What you should always be thinking about when crafting a JV proposal or other related communications
  • When to reveal all the details in a JV proposal, and when you should withhold the details for a later communication
  • What you need to prepare before discussing a potential JV deal on the phone
  • Listen as Jay dictates over a dozen killer phone scripts and JV proposal letters for approaching joint-venture partners in various different scenarios. (If you're uncomfortable "pitching" a JV proposal on your own, you can simply hand these scripts to a salesperson to pitch the JV deal for you.)
  • If you're uncomfortable presenting JV deals to other businesses, Jay even dictates a simple classified ad that you can use to hire salespeople who can present your JV deals to other businesses for you!
  • How to create compelling JV proposals to get list-owners to endorse your product or service to their customer lists
  • Secrets of using sequential marketing to land deals with the "big boys", and get past obstacles such as gatekeepers and "voicemail jail". (This is one of the major keys to landing the most lucrative deals, where 99% of your competitors would have given up on.)
  • How to use the "Force Multiplier Effect" to conquer seemingly impossible JV deals
  • How to structure and negotiate your share of the deal -- what percentage commissions to ask for, when and how to ask for upfront payment, commissions on backend sales, and other compensation structures
  • Most importantly, how to make sure you GET PAID (and get paid on time)

Of course, throughout the teleseminar series Jay illustrated how his strategies work in the real world with...

Detailed Joint-Venture Case Studies
and Success Stories From
Jay Abraham's Private Files

Now, with over 12,000 documented success stories, there's no way Jay could have explained every single one of his successes. However, he did pick the success stories that were the most instructive, and covered the widest spectrum of different ways you can profit from Joint-Ventures. Here's a small sample...

  • How Jay bagged his first successful JV deal... when he was dead broke and just starting out. (That one deal alone made him over $6 million dollars!)
  • How Sears created a new billion dollar business using their overlooked and underutilized assets... and how you can use this same principle to set up a never-ending supply of profitable JV deals with retail businesses
  • How Jay Abraham took a Boston restaurant chain from zero to $3 million dollars, without spending a dime in advertising!
  • The "N.E.E.R" concept... and... how a down-and-out insurance salesman used this deceptively simple idea to sell over a BILLION dollars worth of insurance, and buy out the company he was working for
  • A case-study of a client who made millions upon millions of dollars by successfully landing deals with multi-billion dollar companies such as Siemens and NCR
  • What a lumber mill can teach you about making "found money" from what you're already doing. (Most people simply don't realize that there's an absolute fortune to be made from their everyday activities that they take for granted!)
  • The embarassingly simple strategy that Jay used to help a client become the biggest seller of accounting practices and CPA firms in California. (This idea can be applied to practically ANY business in ANY market)
  • A case-study of how Jay made one company over $1,000,000.00 in NET PROFIT in just 6 weeks... using a simple strategy that can be applied to ANY business!

Last but not least, to catapult you to the highest level of Joint-Venture dealmaking expertise, Jay also laid out his arsenal of...

Advanced Secrets for
Joint Venture Mastery

Here's a small sample...

  • How to secure deals with businesses in hyper-competitive markets, where hordes of competitors are fighting for the same deals you're after
  • How to install yourself in the "toll position", where you control the deal and can turn off the spigot any time you want or redirect the flow of the deal, so that nobody can screw you out of your rightful commissions
  • Jay Abraham's "secret weapon" that he uses to out-achieve everybody else in the competitive space he operates in
  • The critical distinction between being a JV dealmaker and being a salesperson! (Many people THINK they're putting together JV deals, when actually they're just playing the role of a commissioned salesperson... which makes it practically impossible for them to ever get to the big money)
  • What infomercials can teach you about mastering the art and science of putting together profitable joint ventures
  • Why Jay often engineers deals where he barely breaks even, or even absorbs a small loss! (The secret is knowing exactly how he quickly parlays these "loser" deals into profits that just keep snowballing over and over)
  • How to avoid the situation where your JV partner keeps procrastinating and sitting on his hands
  • How to get control of millions of dollars worth of assets without investing a cent
  • The single most priceless intangible asset in the world that can pay you handsome and perpetual dividends for life, once you recognize it! You may already be sitting on this asset...

And Even If You Don't Already Have it,
Jay Teaches You How To Get It

  • How to harness the fear of loss to create a frenzy of potential JV partners scrambling for the privilege of working with you. (And, why this must be executed carefully and masterfully)
  • The lost strategy of GIVING, and how it pays you handsome dividends over and over again
  • 4 things every radio and TV station has in common... and how you can use this knowledge as your "ace in the hole" to land JVs with them (that can result in millions of dollars worth of free advertising and publicity)
  • How to be the person who controls the deal and makes the rules in the JV deal
  • How to avoid the situation where a dishonest businessperson takes your JV proposal and implements your idea on his own, precluding you from the deal. (And, a savvy way to handle the situation on the rare occasion that it happens.)
  • The secret of "making the JV partner look superior", and why this is one of the major keys to landing lucrative deals with huge payoffs
  • The big mistake most businesses make in their lead-generation marketing... and how to capitalize on this mistake to set up an unlimited supply of lucrative JV deals
  • How to add twists and slants that turn "dead ends" into insanely profitable deals

"This Program Eclipses The Vast Majority Of Other
Marketing Courses Being Peddled On (Or Off) The Net"

"Jay... you operate in a different dimension.

"Of all the information folks spend their money on I can't imagine a more worthwhile investment than this program because it's not just a block of instruction. It's:

1. An indoctrination into a new way of seeing business relationships and
2. An action oriented program to start exploiting those opportunities under superior guidance.

"This is a totally different ball game and its benefits completely eclipse the vast majority of other stuff being peddled on (or off) the net."

John Tanner
  • The 4 reasons why people stop doing business with a company, and how this knowledge can translate into a fortune for you... even if you don't have a business of your own
  • Unusually effective strategies for "reviving" inactive customers for windfall profits
  • How to "get inside the other person's head" and find out what really motivates them, and use this knowledge to land deals with an almost uncanny success rate
  • Simple salesmanship secrets that will skyrocket your JV success
  • The ideal situation Jay would choose to be in, if he could have any one thing he wished for in business! (Keeping this concept in mind will dramatically shortcut your learning curve, and maximize your profits from the deals you enter.)
  • The only consistent way to land a joint venture deal via email (almost everyone, even well-known "gurus", is clueless about this)
  • The "Hooker Syndrome", and why understanding this concept makes the difference between deals that go smoothly and deals that blow up in your face!
  • How to penetrate a market instantly with no upfront investment or risk (while other people have to take years and spend a fortune to enter the same market)
  • What you should establish as part of your personal strategy every time you do a deal, in order to build intangible assets that will pay you handsome dividends over and over and over again! (this is THE single factor that separates the world's most successful JV dealmakers, from those who are simply spinning their wheels)

""One Nugget Alone Is Easily Worth Tens of Thousands of Dollars To Me"

"I just wanted to take a minute to say how great the call this afternoon was. I am so excited about the opportunity to become a JV deal maker extraordinaire.

"I signed up with the mind set that I'd be interested in the middleman/gate keeper type position. This still seems like the best fit for me, but the concept that Jay talked about getting into business without any money of my own was really mind blowing! I'd say that nugget alone could be worth 10's of thousands of dollars to me."

Dwight Beal
  • How to leverage any company’s "underutilized assets" and position yourself as a profit hero (you could easily earn millions of dollars using this strategy alone)...
  • How to become a member of the "Tom Sawyer School of Business"—and how to engineer deals where YOU get the lion’s share of the profits while others do all the work!
  • The very best "hang-outs" to find hungry joint venture partners who are receptive and responsive to your proposals. (Approach them the right way and it will be next to impossible for them to say "no".)
  • How to put together "no-brainer" deals that bring in $1,000 to $2,000 a month in residual income. (With the insider secrets of JV Mastery, you could realistically be doing 3 or 4 of these kinds of deals every single month.)
  • One "instant cash" technique that allows you to sell your residual streams of income for HUGE cash profits. (This one strategy could shave years off the time it takes you to reach millionaire status!)
  • How to build instant credibility so the partners you approach respect you from the beginning—and give your offer careful consideration—even if they say they don’t have time for you.
  • How to exploit and profit from other people’s overlooked, underutilized, and underperforming resources so…

You Get Rich Without Investing
A Dime Of Your Own

The point is you don’t need to be loaded to benefit from these strategies. Anybody in any situation can use Jay methodologies to write their ticket for life.

Finally, you’ll also discover…

How to overcome the two primary reasons why most people fail with joint ventures... The secret to dominating your market… The two reasons why most people fail in their joint venture efforts, and how to instantly overcome them... A little-known directory that gives you an endless supply of ideal prospects for joint venture deals… How to ethically and legally profit from companies going through bankruptcy… And much, much, more.

So What About You?

Given Jay’s amazing track record, it might be easy for you to think that he’s an exception to the rule... and that these strategies couldn’t possibly work for you in your situation.

And that's totally understandable too.

However, I encourage you to take a look at what these everyday people have accomplished with the knowledge and skills they personally gained from JV Mastery...

"I've Brokered Single Launches That Have Made Me Six
Figures. But If It Wasn't For the Joint Venture Lessons
I Learnt From The King Of Joint Ventures, Marc Goldman,
There's A Very Good Chance I Wouldn't Have Enjoyed
The Success I Have Over The Years"

--Mike Merz Snr., Founder of and broker for some of the biggest names in internet marketing

"4 To 10 Times More Than I Would’ve Earned!"

doug"Because of what I learned from JV Mastery, I changed my focus from standard fee-for-service consulting to doing JVs full time, and it has had a huge impact on the future of my business. I am now doing the exact same things I did for my fee-for-service clients, but my projections show me that I’ll earn anywhere from 4 to 10 times what I would have earned under the old model." --Doug Hudiburg, Founder of The Daily Marketing Ace

"$2,079 In Just 48 Hours!"

mani"I signed up for the JV Mastery course with Jay Abraham and Marc Goldman—and have already gained an enormous deal from it.

In 48 hours, we’ve made 7 sales. That’s $2,079 in net profits. I keep $1,500. Thanks, Jay, for some fantastic ‘actionable’ advice!"

--Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian, Founder of
The Ezine Marketing Center

"Led To $3,000 A Month!"

jimhofman"As soon as I purchased JV Mastery, I immediately put together a deal with a local gym that netted me $85 a month. But ultimately, I parlayed that small success into a bigger joint venture that now nets me over $3,000 a month.

--Jim Hofman, Co-Founder

"Half A Million Dollars In Just 5 Months!"

andyfuehl"My first two joint ventures will yield me approximately half a million dollars this year in profit personally. The first JV was using my own products and services and the second was using products and services from someone else that I acquired the rights to distribute.

The first JV took approximately two months to put together and the second about three months. Not only will these joint ventures supply me with a nice profit this year, they will also produce a nice ongoing residual income as well."

--Andy Fuehl, Coach & Co-Author
Wealth Without a Job

Now, are these folks any different than you?

No. They really aren’t.

They simply put their doubts aside and gave JV Mastery a try... and they were handsomely rewarded.

9 Extra Reasons To Purchase JV Mastery Today

Premium Bonus #1: 8 Joint Venture Proposal Letters, Written By Jay Abraham Himself! (Conservatively valued at $80,000 -- Yours FREE)

extra bonusHow would you like to have access to the same tools, communications, and sales letters Jay used to put together multi-million dollar JV deals? Well, now you can!

Because when you claim your course today, you’ll also get 8 different joint venture proposal letters, personally written by Jay himself, that you can use to propose JV deals to other business owners.

These 8 different letters apply to 8 different scenarios. Regardless of the type of deal you’re after, you should find at least one letter you can use, with just minor adaptation.

Normally, you’d have to shell out at least $25,000 if you wanted to hire Jay to write even just ONE of these letters for you. In fact, Jay’s clients have willingly paid him over $50,000 (plus 25% of the increase in profits) just to write a single sales letter.

So these 8 letters are conservatively worth $80,000 alone... but you get them for FREE when you claim your copy of JV Mastery today.

""One Letter Alone Is Worth
The Entire Price Of Admission"

"The letter that Jay provided for us to proposition business owners is simple yet brilliant. That letter alone was worth the price of admission."

- Grant Segall

Premium Bonus #2: Joint Venture Agreement (Valued at $2,000 -- Yours FREE)

extra bonusOne of the biggest questions from people getting started with Joint Ventures is, "How do I make sure I’ll get paid?"

That’s why I paid $2,000 to have my lawyer draw up a rock-solid joint venture agreement that you can model to make sure you don’t get ripped off by your JV partners.

This contract can be modified to any JV deal with just a few minor, commonsense adaptations.

Premium Bonus #3: The Strategy of Preeminence (Valued at $99  -- Yours FREE)

extra bonusThe Strategy of Preeminence is one of Jay’s most powerful concepts.

Thousands of Jay’s clients have used this one strategy alone to leapfrog their competition, dominate their marketplace, and skyrocket their wealth by millions of dollars.

It teaches a philosophical strategy or strategic philosophy that replaces, transforms and empowers your every marketing selling or negotiating activity.

This report is utterly priceless. But it’s FREE when you claim your copy of JV Mastery today.

Premium Bonus #4: Joint Venture Deal-Making "Jumpstart" Report (Valued at $99  -- Yours FREE)

extra bonusJay wrote this special report to help complete beginners to quickly gain the confidence to put together lucrative JV deals.

Included in this report are simple letters and scripts you can use right away (even if you have no assets and zero experience), to get business owners (in any market) enthusiastically calling you to discuss a possible JV. This allows you to prove to yourself, without a shadow of a doubt, that ANYONE, regardless of their background, can put together lucrative JV deals, because practically EVERY business is a prime prospect for a JV deal.

Many of Jay's clients have made millions with the information contained in this simple report alone.

"This Report Alone Is Easily Worth
An Additional $100,000 in Profits
Over The Next 12 Months!"

"What a powerful call. The sample letter in (The Joint Venture Deal-Making Jumpstart Report) alone can easily be the basis of an additional $100k to $250k in profits over the next 12 months - I'll let you know how they progress.

"I got a tremendous amount out of Jay's case studies, they really stimulated my thinking. I came up with 20 categories of JV candidates. Even before I get to the Yellow Pages, through my personal contacts I know 10 to 100 prospective partners in each category - so I have a "warm" list of between 200 and 600 JV prospects. Okay, so an additional $250k may be conservative."

- Jeff M. Wilson, BSE, CLU, ChFC, Wilson Advisory Group, LLC

"One Page Alone is Worth
Over $100,000 This Year!"

"I read through the fast start. When I read the one page about randomly picking 10 business categories and make the list etc., I said to my wife, "This page alone is worth over $100,000 to us this year!" To which she said, "Bring it on"! Can't wait to hear the call - it will bring further clarity.

"I have set up a JV with a pet product manufacturer. Within 6 mos this one alone will be bringing in around $1,000 residual per month net - part time. Great stuff."

- Greg Kurjata

Premium Bonus #5: Transcripts of The Sequential Marketing Session At The 2002 Mastermind Marketing Training Program (Which Attendees Paid $5,000.00 Apiece To Attend)

extra bonusSequential marketing is one of the biggest secrets that separates the most successful marketers in the world from "Also-ran" marketers. It can be the difference between mediocrity and making millions.

And when applied to JV deals, sequential marketing is one of the most important keys to landing those highly lucrative yet seemingly impossible deals with the "big players" in any market.

So because sequential marketing is so important to your JV success, Jay has put together the transcripts of a highly confidential session on Sequential Marketing from his sold out Mastermind Marketing Training Program, which you get as an added bonus when you order JV Mastery today.

Over 620 business leaders paid $5,000.00 each (plus travel expenses) to get this same information... but you get it FREE when you take action today.

Premium Bonus #6: The Complete Series of Emails Jay Used to Sell Out His $15,000-Per-Attendee PEQ, Training Programs, As Well As His $5,000-Per-Attendee Mastermind Marketing Training Program!

extra bonusThis collection is the ultimate "swipe file" of some of the most successful sequential marketing campaigns ever, that have each generated millions of dollars in sales!

With this "swipe file", you’ll be able to adapt these tested and proven follow-up emails and letters for your own marketing campaigns.

This bonus is not available at ANY price... but you get it free when you get JV Mastery today!

Premium Bonus #7: Marc Goldman’s Powerhouse Online JV System (Valued at $79  -- Yours FREE)

extra bonusThis step-by-step special report reveals how I built my online software business to over a million dollars, using nothing but Joint Ventures.

The report gives you detailed case studies from my business, and shows you how you could get the same results (or even BETTER results) no matter what business you’re in.

Premium Bonus #8: Marc Goldman’s Joint Venture Critique Certificate (Valued at $697  -- Yours FREE)

extra bonus

An exclusive Joint Venture Critique Certificate worth almost $700 which you can redeem for us to evaluate one of your own Joint Venture ideas.

We’ll sit you down, brainstorm and tweak your deal until it absolutely oozes with money making potential.


Premium Bonus #9: Marc Goldman’s 10-Step JV Dealmaker System (Valued at $79  -- Yours FREE)

extra bonusUsing my simple step-by-step deal-making system you’ll discover…

How to "sniff out" the hottest JV brokering opportunities... How to approach potential JV partners... When to (and when NOT to) use a Non-Disclosure Agreement... How to negotiate your fees... How to protect yourself from getting cut out of the deal... And much more!

With this easy, paint-by-numbers system anyone can learn to make a fortune brokering JV deals for other businesses.

Once you master this valuable skill, you’ll be able to make money from anywhere in the world, without dealing with the hassles of running your own business.

That's 9 Valuable FREE Bonuses (Worth Over $80,000)
You're Getting, When You Invest In
JV Mastery: The Art of Profitable Dealmaking...

But... it gets better still!

Because Jay and myself insist on making this an absolutely risk-free investment for you. That's why we're inviting you to place the risk entirely on our shoulders, and backing your success with a...


Iron-Clad, 10-Times-Your-Money Guarantee

Jay and myself want you to test-drive this program entirely on our risk. That’s why we’re backing your success with the following better-than-risk-free guarantee:

Claim your JV Mastery: The Art of Profitable Dealmaking today and dive into it. Listen to the calls, study the bonuses, and start applying these strategies to your business.

You have a full 60 days to test-drive this program to your heart’s content. If you’re not convinced this program is worth at least 10 times your investment…

OR… if you use any strategy in the course and you don’t put at least an extra $5,000.00 into your bank account (that you would not have made otherwise)…

OR… if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your investment for ANY reason…

…then simply contact support (details provided inside product), and I will give you a prompt and courteous 100% refund, no questions asked.

Not only that…

You Still Get To Keep All The
Bonuses For Your Trouble!

What this means is, if you don’t make at least an extra $5,000.00 in PURE PROFIT from this course (that you would not have made otherwise), you pay nothing — and you still get to keep all the bonuses, so you still come out ahead.

Bottom line… you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


Look, forgive me for being blunt. But you and I both know that if you've read this far, you're seriously interested in using the power of Joint Ventures to explode your personal income.

So think of it this way...

You could spend 4 years of your life in college and over $100,000 in tuition, and you wouldn't get even 1% of the real-world moneymaking secrets you'll discover in your JV Mastery: The Art of Profitable Dealmaking

But don't take my word for it -- just listen to what some of the attendees of the "live" program have to say...

"Learned More In The First Call
Than An Entire MBA Program!"

"I am writing to you even though I missed the first call due to overseas travel (I had mentioned this to Marc). My associate Steve Martello did attend the call on my behalf. He was all praises for you guys!

"In Steve's words, "These guys are scary smart. I learned more in one call than in my entire MBA program!"

- Suresh Shottam

"Learned More In 2 Hours Than
All Those Years In Business School!"

"Gentlemen I was shocked and awed by the sum and substance of the teleseminar. I was struck by the number and quality of the suggestions made and it opened my mind to the fact that opportunity is EVERYWHERE!!

"Jay has an incredibly fertile mind. I earned a MBA, JD and PhD in international business and finance and never enjoyed such a value packed two hours... never learned such practical and engaging concepts in all those years of school... ideas you can take with you; which you can implement quickly at low cost and create value for yourself and your clients."

- Steven A. Martello
- MBA, JD, Ph.D

Sure, you could spend the next 10 years of your life, and tens of thousands of dollars in marketing tests and failures, trying to figure out all these Joint Venture secrets on your own. But why put yourself through all that?

Especially when Jay and myself are offering you our decades of hard-won experience on a silver platter, on a completely risk-free basis?

To be totally candid, the price of this course is just a tiny drop in the bucket compared to all the time and money you'd waste this year, doing things the wrong way without these secrets.

And when you look at it this way...

You Really Cannot Afford
NOT To Get This Course!

Let’s now put all this into perspective and get down to business…

One hour of Jay’s time goes for $5,000 with a 2-hour minimum. And yet you’re getting over 8 hours of Jay’s time… which you can listen to again and again... either on your computer or your MP3 device.

Plus it includes full transcripts of the recordings as well... if you prefer to read on your iPad or Kindle.

And when you include all the incredible bonuses we’ve given you as well, there’s close to $130,000 worth of "real-life" value inside.

Now, obviously we’re not going to charge you that much.

We're not going to charge you $10,000.

Or $2,000.

In fact we’re not even going to charge you $1,000.

Nope, you can get access to this priceless course for an insane $7 trial for 3 days to see if you like the program or not. If you don't like it you can return it with no questions asked.

If satisfied, we will then charge you 3 monthly instalments of $167... (for a grand total of $508)

You have to agree we can't make possibly make it any fairer than that.


ALL the risk is on us.

So don't dilly dally.

If you put this off, you WILL have to pay more.

And for the quality of information you're getting here, it's an absolute steal at this price.

Once you've paid you can get started listening to Jay immediately and start your JV journey today.

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You will then be charged
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JV Mastery

You can cancel anytime within 60 days
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To Massive JV Profits,

Marc Goldman
CEO & Co-Founder
Goldbar Enterprises, LLC

P.S. As I mentioned before, one hour of Jay’s time goes for $5,000 with a 2-hour minimum. And yet you’re getting over 8 hours of Jay’s time (which you can listen to again and again) for just a tiny fraction of his normal rates. Never before has there been a deal like this... and, quite possibly, never again...

P.P.S. If you'll take action, there is no easier, faster, safer, more enjoyable and more sustainable way to make all the money you realistically want, than with the power of Joint Ventures.

You don't need money... you don't need a product to sell... you don't need to be an "expert" in anything... you don't need a customer list or mailing list... and you don't even need to have a business of your own.

All you need is Jay Abraham's complete arsenal of Joint Venture secrets, strategies and systems, that you'll discover in your JV Mastery: The Art of Profitable Dealmaking

P.P.P.S. A very popular question from people outside the United States is "do these Joint Venture Secrets work for those outside the US (i.e. UK, Europe, Australia, etc.)?"

This is a valid question, and the answer is, "Absolutely!"

You see, although most of Jay's clients are from the US, Jay also has thousands of clients from other countries all over the world who have banked massive profits using these same strategies. In fact, if you're outside the US, you'll probably find that these strategies work even BETTER in your country, because you'll have much less competition.

Besides, if you are not fully satisfied with the information and how it applies to your country, just return the material for a prompt and courteous 100% refund -- no questions asked. So you have absolutely nothing to lose by ordering today, no matter what country you're in. Click the buy button below to order now.

Click the "Buy Now Button" to start your trial!
You will then be charged
3 x monthly instalments of $167...

JV Mastery

You can cancel anytime within 60 days
if not satisfied with the product